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More history of St. Mary's Church

An excerpt from South Adjala 1825-1965, by George Keogh, Nobleton Press, 1965.

The south-central portion of Adjala Township became known as Achill, named after an Island of the same name near the west coast of Ireland.

No doubt some of the early immigrants came from this island. So concentrated was the population around Achill that a frame church dedicated to the Virgin Mother of God was built on a corner of Mr. Cox's farm which he donated for that purpose.

Early in the 1890's the church burned down one night during a mission. When the priest arrived in the morning to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass he found a smoldering heap of ashes. The cause of the fire was never determined. Father Kilcullen, the pastor, proceed to build a new church for the people of Achill. In the meantime Sunday Mass was offered in the home of the Jellards or the McGoverns. Some of the more hardy walked the five miles to the Parish Church at Colgan. In 1920 St. Mary's, Achill, was separated from the parent church and attached to a church at Arlington in the northern part of Adjala to form the new parish of North Adjala. The old-time residents of Achill, however, still look longingly towards Colgan and many of them have a plot in the Cemetary where they will find their final rest.