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More history of St. Francis Xavier Church

An excerpt from South Adjala 1825-1965, by George Keogh, Nobleton Press, 1965.)

Tottenham is situated about midway between St. James Church, Colgan and St. Margaret's Church, Tecumseth. This location, while fortunate for commerce, was unfortunate for the Catholics of the Village, because it meant they went without a church of their own until 1885. In that year, the pastor of St. James Parish Colgan, directed the construction of a fine brick church which was dedicated under the title of St. Francis Xavier. Early in the 1920's when Father R.P. Walsh was the Pastor, Pere Castex (now Monsignor Castex of Penetang) used to assist Father Walsh in the summer months. Pere Castex took up a collection and purchased a bell for the church which was baptized under the title of St. Francis Xavier. The church was supplied with electricity for lighting as early as 1910.